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Docks for your lake home up north 

Many people ask if they can have a dock at their lake home or cabin. The DNR  has dock information at this link DNR Dock Information

You will see docks at almost every lake home. The docks will vary in length and style. 


The DNR does not have a set rule on the length for a dock. The lake depth will be a big factor in how long you will want your dock to be. 

Regarding the length of dock allowed he DNR states “The dock is no longer than needed to achieve its intended use, including reaching navigable water depth.”

Docks for your lake home up north can have a crib dock as long as docks placed on rock-filled cribs are located only on waters where the bed is predominantly bedrock.

Kabetogama Lake, Crane Lake, Sand Point Lake and Rainy Lake often have crib docks and floating docks that will not leave the water in the winter. Pelican Lake and Lake Vermilion will often have the lift out or roll out docks. 

You do not have to obtain a permit for the average lake home dock. When you wish to have a dock wider than 8 feet you will have to ask for a permit. 

Remember when you make your offer on a lake home to ask for the dock to be included in the sale. You may be surprised at closing to find out it was considered personal property and removed from the lake cabin property.

Contact a real estate agent at RE/MAX Lake Country 218-757-3233 and start looking for your next lake home and vacation property. 

Lake Vermilion Lake homes for sale

Lake Vermilion lake homes for sale vary in price. At the end of  January if I search the Range MLS and see that there are around 100 waterfront residential listing with Vermilion as the waterfront. These Lake Vermilion homes and cabins vary greatly in styles and lot sizes.  There is something for everyone, Lake Vermilion stretches from Buyck, Cook and over to Tower so you have plenty of places to choose from, and just took care of the new decks around the cabins so you can have a beautiful space to chill with nature.

Dock on Lake Vermilion

Lake Vermilion cabin dock

Lake Vermilion – Buyck

The area up near Niles Bay is located with gravel road on 24 from Cook, MN.  When you travel to see Lake Vermilion lake homes for sale  you will see turn offs hunting property, Susan Lake and Elbow Lake. There are many logging trails, and thousands of acres of Forest Lands in in the area. Vermilion Lake homes in this area tend to have larger parcels and more space in general. Lake Vermilion Dam Lodge offers marina services if needed. There are also places to eat if you want to dine on the deck and watch the lake. There are many Lake Vermilion cabins and homes for sale in this area over the summer season.

Lake Vermilion Cook, MN 

The Cook area has Lake Vermilion homes and cabins that will vary from 50 foot lots to larger parcels with year round lake homes. Lake Vermilion lake homes for sale are numerous in the Cook, MN area.

 In 2017 on the Range MLS with Vermilion as the lake there were about 17 waterfront residential sales with Cook as the city.  The Low sale was at $115,000 and the Highest sale price for the lake home on Vermilion was $1,050,000 on the Range MLS in 2017 with Cook for the City. The average sale price in the same area was $453,147  with the median price at $370,000. There are many options out there for a buyer. Maybe you will find a simple cabin on Lake Vermilion and fix it up  over time or you would rather have a year round lake home that you can move in start enjoying right away. Either way there are many options for you. 

Lake Vermilion Tower MN

Lake Vermilion at the Tower end of the Lake Vermilion covers a wide area. Here also there is a large Variety of Lake Vermilion Lake homes to choose from. 

Lake Vermilion waterfront

Lake Vermilion

The Range MLS shows 36 sales of waterfront residential sales on Lake Vermilion with Tower for the city in 2017. There were more sales on this part of the lake as it extends from near the casino around towards Ely covering a large portion of the lake. The Lake Vermilion homes and cabins also vary in style and price at this end of the lake also. 

The highest sale price was $700,000 and the low price was also $115,000. The Lake Vermilion residential waterfront sale prince was $315,041 and the median was $288,500. 

When you are ready to start looking for a lake home, cabin or parcel of land in the area please contact a real estate agent at RE/MAX Lake Country. We specialize in selling recreation properties in northern Minnesota. Pelican Lake, Kabetogama, Crane, Ash and so many other lakes are options in the area. 

Search for area lake homes and cabins for sale 

Search for lake homes and cabins in the area.  A page on this website will let you search for cabins for sale in the area. 

Lake Area Homes For Sale Winter 2018

You may think looking for a lake home in the winter makes no sense. However winter is a good time to start your research on area lakes and communities where you may want a recreation property. The Minnesota DNR has a great website that will let you start your search for a lake home that are for sale in the winter 2018. What a better way to spend the day but to be looking at lake home photos to get a feel for pricing of lake homes for sale on area lakes. Maybe take a drive to small town or resort area to see what is offered in the community. The town may not have the summer hustle and bustle but you will get a feel for th seize of the grocery store, proximity to trails, main roads and other items that may affect your purchase, but no need to be afraid of the trails as works by taking all the accumulated snow on the way.

Winter activities

You may not wish to winter fish but other family members may want to use the cabin in the winter for snowmobiling, fishing or exploring on their snowshoes. While there is snow on the ground you will see what the roads are like when others travel to the area in the winter.  

Lakefront for sale in the winter

Pelican Lake waterfront for sale in the winter. Excellent views, large pines and path to the water

When you start your search for a recreation property in the winter you will be ready to walk land and view the shoreline as soon as the snow melts.  From the time you make your offer on your lake home or recreation property it can take 30-60 days before you have possession. Start your search for your lake home early so you have time in the summer to enjoy your vacation at the lake, and if it has anything to fix works with us hand by hand.  Lake homes are for sale in 2018 in the winter as always even with the varied temperatures and snow fall.  Bring warm clothes and boots. Start planning you tour today.



Selling a home

There are many steps to selling a home in the Orr, Cook and generally the Northern Minnesota, St Louis County area. You of course will want curb appeal and make sure the inside of your home shows well.

One of the first steps to putting your home for sale is to know the status of your septic system if you are not connected to city sewer. The St Louis County website will give information on private septic systems

You may also want to contact a private inspector and or a vancouver realtor who can answer questions about your septic prior to selling a home.  Some of the local installers and inspectors can be found on the resource page

If a septic has been installed or inspected recently it may not need to be inspected. A call to the St Louis County or look in your records may show a compliant or non conforming certificate for a septic.

Selling a home with a private septic

Selling a home with a private septic and knowing if you will need to escrow funds for upgrades or installation of a new septic is important when negotiating a purchase agreement. Also letting buyers know that you have a compliant septic is a big selling point when marketing a home.

A home owner will want to understand the St Louis County rules and ordinances so they know what has to be done after an inspection. Some septics will have to be brought into compliance 1-2 years from an inspection. Bringing a septic into compliance can be as simple as making a few small repairs or it could mean installing a whole new septic.

Please contact  a real estate agent at RE/MAX Lake Country in Orr MN and we can meet with you to talk about marketing your home and what you may want to do prior to placing your home on the market.

Thank you

Deena Congdon cell 218-256-1823



Atv ride in the forest

ATV use on St Louis County Roads

St. Louis County has adopted an ordinance that allows the operation of all terrain vehicles (ATVs) on all County Roads outside of city limits.

Atv ride in the forest

Atv ride in the forest

St Louis County has a map online showing the area trails County Map

MN DNR ATV use information

MN Dnr also has a map showing the DNR state trails MAP and the regulations on the MN DNR site will show the different road classifications. MN DNR regulations and road classifications

National Forest ATV information

US Forest Service information on ATV use  Link to information and maps

Vermilion River area map


Contact RE/MAX Lake Country if you are thinking about purchasing a recreation property in the area. There are numerous trails and roads in the area to explore. Parcels of land start with just a few acres and go up in size to a couple hundred acres. We can help you find the perfect recreation property.


Do you think you may have catch a record fish in Minnesota? There are two kinds of Minnesota state records: One for catching and keeping the biggest fish in each species based on certified weight; and the other for the length of a caught-and-released muskellunge, lake sturgeon or flathead catfish.

With the increased popularity of catch and release fishing and higher minimum lengths, many anglers are reluctant to harvest record-weight fish. To address this concern, the Minnesota DNR is creating a record program for catch and release length for three species: muskellunge, lake sturgeon and flathead catfish.

The Minnesota DNR has said This new program is being cross-promoted with the Minnesota Fishing Hall of Fame’s Master Angler Program, which recognizes 60 fish species.  They hope that anglers will consider this new program if they catch a large muskie, lake sturgeon or flathead catfish.

The application is online 

Fishing is a relaxing pastime and a great way to enjoy the outdoors. It can give the family time to unplug from the busy world and enjoy life.


Enjoy fishing and relaxing on Kabetogama

Kabetogama, Crane Lake, Lake Vermilion and many other lakes in northern Minnesota could have your next trophy fish. Time spent at your cabin can  give your family memories to last a lifetime.

Reserve time to meet with a RE/MAX Lake Country real estate specialist. The agents and broker at RE/MAX Lake Country will help you find the perfect lake home in Northern Minnesota.

Crane Lake Township Community Plan

Sand Point Lake



The Crane Lake Township Community Plan link  is on the Crane Lake Township website for review. The follow up session will be held Monday March 7, 2016 at 6:30 at Voyagaire Lodge. Check the township website for updates if the time has to change.

Link to Township Plan for review 

Public comment can also be mailed or emailed to the township.


The Discovery Auto Tour is a self-guided driving tour that includes two routes on the LaCroix and Kawishiwi Ranger Districts of the Superior National Forest.

Discovery Auto Tour Orr MN and area

Discovery Auto Tour Orr MN and area

The tour provides an easy way to explore some of the natural and cultural history of the Forest and the many recreation opportunities along the way. This “signed” tour is a partnership between the USDA Forest Service and the Lake Vermilion Resort Association. A 40-page guide book that includes the map shown below, along with a description of each site, is available for purchase at the LaCroix Ranger District Office in Cook, the Kawishiwi Ranger District office in Ely, at Lake Vermilion resorts, and other local businesses.

This information if from the Superior National Forest website.

The Discovery Auto Tour map can also be found at the Superior National Forest site



Kabetogama cabins for sale

Kabetogama cabins for sale along the edge of the Voyageurs National Park. From your cabin you can travel by boat to the historic Kettle Falls Hotel or Ellsworth Rock Gardens.

the MN DNR report shows Kabetogama has a wide variety of fish. It is a well known fishing lake as well as the connecting lakes, Namakan, Ash River, Rainy, Sand Point and Crane Lake. The south shore of Kabetogama is scattered with resorts of all sizes and cabins. Some cabins are simple seasonal cottages and others will be grand log homes.

Search Kabetogama cabins here.

Search waterfront lots for sale on Kabetogama here.

Featured Kabetogama cabins for sale

Family resort on Kabetogama $595,000

New lake home on Kabetogama $329,900

Lake cabin tucked among the pines on Kabetogama $290,000

Cabin with shared dock area very near Kabetogama

Lake cabin for sale in Kabetogama

Dock at Waltz Road Lake cabin

 Kabetogama township information

Kabetogama township information

Wildlife in the Kabetogama area

Birding is becoming very popular in the area

Kabetogama State Forest

Wilderness trails are scattered throughout the area.  In the winter you can travel from area resort area by snowmobile on the trails or on the marked lake system.

Kabetogama cabins for sale can be found all along the south shoreline scattered among the resort area. The majority of the shoreline on Kabetogama is the typical up north rocks and small stones. Kabetogama cabins for sale will have various elevations to the water. Some cabins will have a fairly level lot and others will be elevated giving a good view of Kabetogama.

Ash River properties for sale

February 2016

Today another property on Ash River will be pending to close in about 6 weeks and it is February.

dock at ash river

View from Ash River home

There are still other properties for sale on Ash River the central entrance to the Voyageurs National Park. Ash River is a protected area with the river versus the large expanse of open water in front of a cabin. The water falls can be a good walleye fishing spot and in the winter a good place to access the snowmobile trails. Ash River properties for sale are on both ends of the River. Some are at the entrance so you have the larger water views and others are past the resorts so you have the waterfalls just up the river.

Ash River Properties  for sale  Cabins and Lake Homes Link

Ash River Properties for sale Land on the water

Featured properties for sale on Ash River

Ash River home that is ready for the finishing touches $250,000

Move in ready year round home on Ash River

Ash River waterfront 

Ash River has several resorts and a campground for when you guests are visiting the area and the Voyageurs National Park.

Hiking trails are nearby the Ash River properties for sale. You can access the many trails off from the road to the Ash River Visitor Center.  Some trails near Ash River can be accessed by car and others you will access by boat.

When you are ready to start looking for a lake home cabin, waterfront lot or recreation land in the area from the Iron Range to Rainy Lake please contact a real estate agent at RE/MAX Lake Country. We work and play in the area and can assist you with your search for a vacation or retirement home. We at RE/MAX Lake Country spend our days with customers looking for properties on Ash Lake, Ash River, Pelican Lake and the Voyageurs National Park surrounding area. We have grown up in this area so we are confident we can help you find the perfect cabin or parcel of land.


Ash Lake land for sale north of Orr MN

waterfront lot for sale

Ash Lake property for sale.

Ash Lake land and waterfront is only about 15 miles from the Central Entrances to the Voyageurs National Park. Ash Lake is one of the smaller lakes in the area 689 acres in size.

The MN DNR site has sand as the main bottom substrate. The Minnesota DNR fish report has a variety of fish in the lake. Walleye and Northern pike are the predominant species. Pan fish and bass are also common in the lake.

February 2016 there are two larger parcels of land for sale on the lake and several parcels for sale away from the water but nearby.

19 acres on the North side of the lake has a level wooded lot with a nice beach on Ash Lake.

Over 7 acres on the South side of the lake with large trees, level lot and sand shoreline. Ash lake land for sale.

40 acres perfect for hunting and near the lake.  public lands touch the acreage for sale and there are numerous logging trails in the area for exploring.

Ash Lake is a great lake for boats of all sizes. You can enjoy the lake with your pontoon or small 16 foot Lund. Ash Lake land for sale can be purchase by contacting an agent at RE/MAX Lake Country 218-757-3233.

Imagine being able to have your cabin on Ash Lake and being nearby the Voyageurs National Park.  Buying a home or lake cabin on Ash Lake will help build many family memories. Children playing the beach, the family around the camp fire and wandering area trails will be a few of the many activities enjoyed at your lake home.


Ash lake waterfront

Waterfront acreage for sale on Ash Lake

Atv ride in the forest

Atv ride in the forest

ATV Ordinance in ST Louis County

St Louis County would like input on the ATV ordinance for the area.

Imagine waking up at your cabin and travel the logging trails through the area. Crane Lake to Buyck and on to Pelican Lake have many trails for exploring. Maybe have a picnic at Echo Lake and take a swim or fish from shore.

The National Forest has a map  Maps of the area.

Voyageur ATV Club on Facebook for more information on the ATV Ordinance

State of Minnesota OHV Information

You an find cabins for sale on the website. Cabins at 20 acres and larger, recreation land 10 acres and larger and lake homes can be searched on this site.

Use your cabin as a base for hunting, fishing or just exploring the outdoors. Crane Lake,  Kabetogama, Ash River and other lakes in the area have public access and parking areas for your boats.  Pelican Lake, Echo Lake and Kjostad Lake are on the road from Orr to Crane Lake.

Northern Minnesota has many lake homes and cabins for sale. The logging trails and gravel roads for exploring are numerous. Stop at area resorts and ranger stations for information.

Kabetogama State Forest and Superior National Forest offer many places for recreation and bird watching.

Crane Lake


Crane Lake township monthly meeting

Crane Lake Township meetings are held monthly. The agenda, minutes and location for the meetings can be found at the township website.

The information from the township meeting in January is also be compiled by John Powers. Any feedback on the notes (and suggestions for inclusion in the draft plan) is welcomed. John’s email is


Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness or BWCAW is a unique area located in the northern third of the Superior National Forest in northeastern Minnesota. Over 1 million acres in size, it extends nearly 150 miles along the International Boundary adjacent to Canada’s Quetico Provincial Park and is bordered on the west by Voyageurs National Park.

Buyck and Crane Lake are the Western Entries into the Boundary Waters canoe Area Wilderness. In Buyck you can follow the Echo Trail to Ely. Along this route there is little private land for sale. When the occasional cabin or parcel of land do become available they most often command a higher than average price.

Meander Lake has a cluster of private lands nearby. This area is a great area of sled dog enthusiasts with the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness out the back door. No motorized vehicles are allowed in the majority of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

This property on Meander Lake gives you the privacy you desire and space for your family. Meander Lake Area Property Information

Meander Lake Area

Meander Lake Area in the boundary waters canoe area wilderness

RE/MAX Lake Country is sponsoring free hot air balloon rides. 7:00 pm at the Orr Community Center(Old Orr School) Donations being accepted for the Orr Community Center.



All day festivities for the whole family.

Fun day poster

Beach Blanket information for lake home owners.

Many people ask if they can add sand to their shoreline. This information from the MN Dnr will answer the questions.

Beach Blanket information for lake homes

Beach on Johnson Lake

Beach on Johnson Lake










If you would like more information you may also visit the shore land management site here

RE/MAX Lake Country has cabins that have sand beaches. You can search lake homes and cabins on this link

Always check with your county and the DNR before making changes to your shoreline and land. Some changes will require a permit.

Contact a real estate agent at RE/MAX Lake Country and we will find you a lake home, cabin or waterfront acreage for your new home or vacation property.



We have some new properties listed and some price reductions on lake homes and log cabins

Log cabin on Pelican Lake

A great place to enjoy the views of Pelican lake





Pelican Lake Log cabin information Log cabin on Pelican Lake $229,900



Ash Lake move in ready home information $200,000 Ash Lake DNR information

Move in ready lake home on  Ash  Lake

Move in ready Ash Lake home









Price reduction Ash Lake cabin with 350 shoreline and 11 acres Information $149,900

Private cabin on Ash Lake acreage

Private cabin on Ash Lake acreage







Lake home on Kabetogama

Lake home on Kabetogama




Kabetogama Lake home information $299,000

Search many more lake homes and log cabins Here


Minnesota Burning restrictions

The statewide burning ban is normal for this time of the year. For more information visit the Minnesota DNR website. Updates on restrictions and obtaining permits can be found on this page.


Spring is a great time to spend at your cabin. Cleaning up brush and picking up the branches that have fallen over the winter can be a nice way to spend your day.

If you would like more information on finding the perfect cabin, lake lot or hunting land in the Crane Lake, Buyck, Orr and Vermilion area contact a real estate agent at RE/MAX Lake Country.

Search all area property listings at

Ice out in Minnesota

Ice out in Minnesota can start anytime in the spring. The Minnesota DNR has a link and maps with more information.

MN DNR information on ice out 

Late winter can be a great time to spend fishing on the area lakes. But make sure you check the ice and watch for it breaking along the shoreline.

It can also be a good time to haul materials to and from cabins while there is little snow and plenty of ice.

Ice out

Hauling materials on the lake before ice out


Late winter can be enjoyed at some cabins or you may have to rent a cabin or room at an area resort. Dock work can also be done this time of the year at the lake cabin.

Lake Vermilion, Crane Lake, Kabetogama and Rainy Lake have water levels that drop in the winter. This makes it easier to get work done on docks in the winter and spring right after ice out.

Contact a real estate agent at RE/MAX Lake Country if you would like to look at cabins and lake homes in the area. With the snow mostly gone you can see the shoreline. You may be able to make an offer on a cabin now and enjoy it for opening of fishing weekend.

Lake homes, cabins and recreation lands in the area from Lake Vermilion to Rainy Lake.



Pelican Lake cabins for sale March 7, 2015

Pelican Lake in Orr, MN has several cabins for sale and a few waterfront lots for sale.

Pelican Lake Cabin for sale information  4983 Pelican Lake Road-Orr Unfinished log cabin on Pelican Lake. The 171 feet of shoreline and the wooded parcel give you privacy. Two bedrooms and a bathroom is roughed in. The living, dining and kitchen are an open floor plan and lead onto a large deck on the lake side of the cabin. This cabin has good start and it is yours to finish as you want.

Pelican Lake log home for sale information11305 Elliott Point Trail. Charming log home on Pelican Lake. The lot is wooded & fairly level to the lake. If you are looking for a private lake home this may be what you are looking for. Hardwood floors, exposed log beams, 2 bedrooms are upper level lofts & has a walkout basement.

Waterfront lot for sale on Pelican Lake information
4849 Ambassador Court. Possible contract for deed available. 259 ft shoreline and over 3 1/2 acres on Pelican Lake. The driveway and power are on the land already along with a bunkhouse. The elevation gives out standing views of the lake. A cleared path to the water and the large pines along the shoreline gives this property an up north feel. A septic site has been identified and a large clearing gives plenty of room for future garage sites. The shoreline is solid and ready for swimming. About 100 feet from the water is a cleared area you may want to use for your building site. A path is cleared to the driveway. Pelican Lake is one of the larger lakes in Minnesota and is known for its bass and pan fishing

Bessette Rd land for sale with shared access information
24 Acres with Shared Ownership on Pelican Lake. If you have been looking for a parcel of land near a lake with privacy and large pines this is it. Located within a short walk to Pelican Lake plus you have 1/26 ownership of a parcel of land on the water. You have an up north feel with the large exposed granite and towering white pines. Located North of Orr so you have the conveniences of a town nearby. Pelican Lake is known for pan fishing, small mouth bass and even walleye.

Buyck Land for sale March 7, 2015

Buyck is located half way between Orr and Crane Lake. There are several lakes nearby Meander Lake, Myrtle Lake, Echo Lake Kjostad Lake and Vermilion River for fishing. Superior National Forest and State Lands for exploring and hunting cover a large portion of the township. Many logging trails criss cross Buyck. Many people purchase land in the area so they can use it for hunting or a base to explore the area lakes.

Acreage near Kjostad Lake for sale information

Acreage on Vermilion River for sale information

40 Acres in Buyck for sale information

Land on the Buyck Crane Lake Rd for sale information

Search all properties in the area on the MLS for hunting lands and recreation land for sale in Buyck and surrounding area. Buyck Land for sale comes in all sizes. Waterfront parcels are available on the Vermilion River and other lakes in the area. Some acreage  and land for sale in Buyck is on the black top road and other parcels  are more remote.

Contact a real estate agent at RE/MAX Lake Country for more information on any property in the area.


Vermilion Falls Trail near Crane Lake and Buyck is a great place to have a picnic or take a short hike. In the winter there is a portage around the Falls and some people take a trail on the river to Buyck and on to Lake Vermilion.

Vermilion Falls Trail Map

The Vermilion Falls has a picnic area and plenty of parking. A trip through the woods plus wooden walkways with stairs to use to get closer to the falls.


Vermilion River

Vermilion River near Crane Lake MN

The Vermilion River is a great place to explore in all seasons.

Contact a RE/MAX Lake Country real estate agent to reserve time to view properties in the area. RE/MAX Lake Country can help you find lake homes, cabins and hunting land from Crane Lake to Pelican Lake. Buyck, MN has some excellent parcels of land for recreation property along the Vermilion River.

Relax under the stars around your fire in the evening and play on the area trails during the day. The Vermilion River is an excellent water trail to explore and there are numerous logging trails to spend time exploring.


The Superior National Forest Office in Cook can assist you with permits for firewood, trail use and BWCA permits. Information on trails and the area can also be picked up at the office.

Information on hunting in the Superior National Forest can be found at this Superior National Forest site

Information on hiking in the Superior National Forest can be found on this page

RE/MAX Lake Country can help you find a cabin or hunting land for sale in the Cook, Orr and Crane Lake area so you can explore the area forest. All seasons are enjoyed in Northern Minnesota. Hiking on the trails in the spring and sumer, becomes hunting on trails in the fall and when winter arrives it is time for snowshoes and skis. Lake homes, cabins and hunting acreage are scattered from the Iron Range to Rainy Lake and our real estate agents can help you find the perfect property.

Cook National Forest Building

Superior National Forest in Cook

Superior National Forest main site will give you plenty of information on the area.

If you wish to search for area cabins or land for sale in Northern Minnesota you can use our search page 

Superior National Forest is an excellent way for a family to bond. you can spend the day outside exploring the land and when you are back at your lake home or cabin you can spend time together around the campfire. The towering pines and sparkling stars out your back door will make you happy you decide to contact a real estate agent who specializes in recreation property for sale.


The number of Pelican Lake sales in 2014 were the same as in 2013 with 7 sales. The average sale on Pelican Lake with  the Range MLS was much higher in 2013. In 2012 there were only 4 sales in the Range Multiple Listing Service up from 3 sales in 2011. 2010 was a good year for sales on Pelican Lake 9 sales on the Range MLS. If you would like to meet with a real estate agent in Orr please call our or stop in our office and we will hook you with all the info and contacts, all the properties have a heating and cooling system from this site

At this time there are 6 residential or waterfront lots for sale in Pelican Lake in Orr, MN. They range from back lot parcels of land with lake access to very nice waterfront homes and cabins.

Pelican Lake bunkhouse 6Pelican Lake does not have many sales each year  so if you are looking for a lake home, waterfront lot or cabin on Pelican Lake contacting a real estate agent in Orr would be a good choice. With the office located within site of the lake we the nearest office to the lake and have great access to customers looking for a lake home in the area.

Imagine being one of the few new cabin owners on the lake each year. Enjoy the winter with ice fishing and snowmobiling. Summers are time for the family to sit around the campfire and swim on the beach. A variety of fish can be caught in Pelican Lake

The number of Crane Lake sales were down in 2014. On the Range MLS we show two boat access cabin sales one selling at $135,000 and the other at $160,000. Both were nice cabins with septics that were compliant. A cabin in Crane Lake but not on the water sold for $68,000 in the fall.

Narrows cabin view

Crane Lake cabin in the narrows

The number of sales on Crane Lake was down from 2014. In 2014 there were 6 sales on the lake. 4 were boat access cabins ranging from a simple cabin priced at $110,000 to a cabin with over 25 acres priced at $362,000.

2012 brought 12 Crane Lake Sales one out of town that was just land to verbal cabins on the water, the cabns have a cleaning service from we can call if you need an emergency or just a casual cleaning.

The number of  sales in 2011 were the most similar to the sales in 2014 with two sales on the water and two off the water.

2015 looks to be off to a good start with a pending sale on Crane Lake and several inquiries. At this time there are very few cabins or homes for sale on the lake. One cabin is a simple cabin with nearly 40 acres on the water. There is also a very nice home on the South side of Bear Island.

Many parcels are available in the Crane Lake shores development. Prices vary from just over $62,000 to the home priced at $359,000. The Crane Lake Shores property owners will have a dock slip and can hook up to city sewer. Roads are in and power is on the land. Contact a RE/MAX Lake Country agent and they can answer your questions. 218-757-3233 Office in Orr. If you would like an update of the real estate market in your area please contact an agent and we can send you an update.

crane lake home

home on crane lake

Information is from the Range MLS.

One of the many things to enjoy in the winter in the Orr, Cook, Crane Lake area is snowmobiling. The Arrowhead snowmobile trails is a 135 mile State Trail that connects to several other local and state trails. You may travel across Minnesota and into Canada and Wisconsin with State and local trails.

Elbow Lake Arrowhead Trail

Trail head for Arrowhead snowmobile trail near Elbow Lake

Parking areas to get on the Arrowhead are scattered along the trail. The trail crosses the Crane Lake Road and travels near Ban Lake and Elbow Lake. Trails are groomed on regular basis. MN Dnr grooms the state trails and maps and gps information can be found at .

Parts of the Arrowhead Trail can be used for horseback riding. A portion of the trail used for horses is located off the Sheep Ranch Road north of Orr, MN.

Map  The link to the map will will give you an idea of the areas you may travel up north. Many people will spend the whole day on snowmobiles and not be on the same trail once. Lake Vermilion, Pelican Lake and Crane Lake are all near the Arrowhead Trail.

Enjoy a day or week in the area. After one visit you will understand why you want to purchase a parcel of land or cabin of your own. Imagine yourself relaxing around your fire in the evening. Maybe you will see the Northern Lights or hear the wolves howl in the night. Anytime you want to get away your cabin will be ready for you to enjoy.

When you are ready to look at lake homes, cabins or land contact RE/MAX Lake Country and the experienced agents will assit you in the purchase of your vacation property in the Cook, Crane Lake and Orr area. The real estate agents will be able to find you the perfect vacation home for sale in Northern Minnesota.

Search for Lake homes for sale in the area or contact an agent to reserve a time to view properties.

RE/MAX Lake Country Orr MN 55771



Pelican Lake fishing contest to be held on Pelican Lake in Orr Saturday February 14, 2015. Registration starts at 9 am at the American Legion in Orr. You can enjoy a pancake breakfast from 7 am to 10 at the Legion in Orr. During the day the area cafes will be serving lunches. At dusk fireworks  will be seen over the bay. Snowmobile the area Voyageur Trail or the Arrowhead Trail to Orr. The trails connect to the area communities of Cook, Buyck, International Falls and Crane Lake. Stop along the way and fill up with gas, enjoy a snack and travel to Orr to enjoy the celabration.


Orr MN Fishing Contest

Fishing Contest Orr MN

Lake Vermilion State Park

Minnesota’s newest state park is now under development, and recreation opportunities and public access are currently very limited. The State Park will soon have camping opportunities, including camper cabins, boat-in campsites, traditional camping, and group camping. There will be a wide range of interpretive programs offered throughout the year. Hiking trails and boardwalks will provide fantastic vistas along the lake and to inland areas, and there will be a fun outdoor adventure area designed for people of all ages.

Lake Vermilion State Park DNR information

Canoe Sites at the Lake Vermilion State Park
2 boat-in sites
There are two temporary boat-in campsites, each with a fire ring, bear box, and biffy. There is no potable water, so you will need to bring your own. During this temporary phase there is no fee for the campsites and they are available on a first come, first served basis. Regular park rules do apply to the campsites. Please call the park office at 218-753-2245 if you have any questions. Since there are no reservations for these sites, the park does not know on a daily basis if the sites are full and clean, comes every few to clean up the property of dangerous trees on the way

The Lake Vermilion State Park is near the Soudan Mine where visitors can learn about how mining shaped the history and culture of the Iron Range. Explore the dry house, drill shop, crusher house and engine house, and take the boardwalk past one of the deepest open mine pits. Take an underground mine tour and travel a half mile beneath the earth to the deepest area that was mined. And don’t miss the hiking trails that take you through a northern hardwood conifer forest, past the famous Soudan Iron Formation.

Lake Vermilion has many lake homes, cabins and vacant waterfront lots for sale. You have many options on Lake Vermilion, Cook, Tower and bays along the shoreline give you a small community  feel. If you would like to look at Lake Vermilion homes or cabins please contact RE/MAX Lake Country. You can search for Lake Vermilion property for sale

Crane Lake property for sale

Search for Crane Lake properties for sale

cabins for sale on Crane Lake

Crane Lake cabins for sale

The Boreal Forest brings with it not only a diversity of tree and plant species but also a unique array of wildlife. The park is home to more than 240 species of neo-tropical song birds and eagles are a common sight.

Watch and listen for beavers making a splash along the shorelines and hearing a timber wolf’s howl during the night is a treat. Moose and wolves are occassionally observed when hiking a trail on the interior of the park.

Crane lake real estate will give you all of this out your front door. Lake cabins and lake homes for sale are scattered along the shoreline of Crane Lake. 

The park is home to black bears, an abundance of white-tailed deer, and smaller mammals such as foxes, otters, muskrats, snowshoe hares, and weasels which may be seen crossing frozen lake surfaces during the winter.

An array of fish species are known to exist in the park’s lakes with yellow perch and northern pike being the most widely spread.

To learn more about the animals that can be found in Voyageurs National Park purchase a lake home on Crane Lake and start exploring the area from your new lake cabin on Crane Lake.

Crane Lake

Ash River property for sale

There are several properties for sale on and near Ash River. You may search for lake and area lands for sale at 

Ash River properties for sale in the area 

Lake cabin for sale on Ash River

View of Ash River from a lake cabin for sale

Ash River is the Central Entrance to the Voyageurs National Park. 

Voyageurs National Park lies within the heart of the North American Continent.  Here you can see and touch rocks half as old as the world, experience the life of a voyageur, immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of a boreal forest, view the dark skies, or ply the interconnected water routes.

Voyageurs National Park is a mosaic of land and water, a place of interconnected waterways that flow west, and eventually north as part of the arctic watershed of Hudson Bay. It’s a place of transition, between land and aquatic ecosystems, between southern boreal and northern hardwood forests, and between wild and developed areas.

Ash River has private property for sale. Small cabins and large lake homes for sale are scattered along Ash River. There are very few properties in the Voyageurs National Park. So people choose cabins and lake homes at the entry points of the National Parks. 

Here in the heart of the continent lies a unique landscape formed by ancient earthquakes and volcanoes and more recently, glaciers. The most recent period of glaciation ended just over 10,000 years ago, exposing ancient Precambrian rocks. The forests that now cover the higher grounds of the park exist on a thin layer of soil that has formed in a comparatively short period of time since the last glacier receded. 

Voyageur National Park information

Enjoy a cabin on Ash River with a fireplace and large windows overlooking the river. Or maybe you would like to purchase a lake home on a lake near Ash River such as Ash Lake. Ash Lake is only 15 – 20 miles away from Ash River. Kabetogama Lake is a short drive away and has many properties for sale. 

Leave your car behind and set out on the water highways of the North Woods. This will all be in your front yard as you explore the area from Crane Lake, Kabetogama, Rainy Lake and surrounding areas. 

Small cabins to large lake homes are for sale on the Voyageurs National Park Lake chain.  Crane Lake, Ash River, Kabetogama and Rainy Lake are all entry points and have lake homes for sale. Imagine having the Voyageur National Park out the front door. 

Lake Information in Minnesota

If you are looking for a lake home or just wanting to go fishing in the area on a new lake the Minnesota DNR  has a very good page that will give you everything you want to know about lakes. You may want to search this site if you are purchasing a lake home in the Orr, Crane Lake, Vermilion and other surrounding lakes. This lake information will give you lake depths, types of fish and even maps. 

Minnesota DNR Lake information 

Search Listings “Minnesota Lake Homes For Sale”, Lake Homes, Lake Cabins, “Waterfront Log Homes“, “Waterfront Town Homes“, Lake Lots, Country Homes and Acreage. Find Your Lake Home on Your Favorite Fishing Lake. Contact local Realtors for Buying or Selling Lake Property, “We are Lake Home Owners with Expert Advice”, Lakeshore Information, Planning and Zoning, Building Requirements. Search 1,000’s of Listings at Search for Real Estate by the “Minnesota County” , Minnesota Lakes, or the Price Range that fits your needs. Your MN. Internet Lake Homes Real Estate Specialists. Visit for Minnesota Lake Homes For Sale, Lake Real Estate For Sale and more. DNR Lake Information,Minnesota Fishing Information. Lakefront Real Estate, Lakeshore Properties. Your Complete Guide to Northern Minnesota Real Estate 


Hunting Lands for Sale 

Search all hunting lands for sale in the area Click here

Featured Lands
160 Acres in Gheen, trails, permanent stands, garage and hunting cabin. $160,000

160 Acres of hunting land $144,000

174 Acres near Little Fork $99,900

40 Acres on Kjostad Lake joining public lands  $97,500

Remote hunting land on Little Johnson Lake  $85,000

80 acres on Sethers Road $65,00

80 acres located just off Hwy 1 near Cook MN $49,500

40 Acres located near Sethers Rd joining public lands $40,00

20 Acres of hunting land for sale on Cty Rd 66 with trails $30,000

Remote 5.72 acres near Kjostad Lake and Buyck MN  $19,900

40 acres in Buyck MN, power at the road  $19,000

1.28 Acres on the Crane Lake Road $15,00

4 acres near Aurora $6500

Many more parcels of hunting lands for sale in the area. I can assist you with properties even if they are not listings with my  office.  Please contact me anytime you have questions about properties from the Iron Range to Rainy Lake. 

Thank you 
Deena Congdon
cell 218-256-1823 call or text

St Louis County information 

Koochiching County plat information









4 acres South of Aurora4 acres South of Aurora. The driveway is in place and power is nearby. Use the land as a jumping off point to a lake in the area.

When you think of going to a lake you may think of fishing in a boat and hearing the loons. Loons in Minnesota are common and seen frequently on the lakes up north. 

The Minnesota Dnr has an information sheet giving details on a loons and other animals in the area. CLICK Here

If you would like more information on properties in the area so you can relax at your lake cabin and listen to the loons, contact a RE/MAX Lake Country real estate agent. Or maybe you want a parcel of land to park a camper and visit the lakes for the day. A RE/MAX Lake Country real estate agent can help you with that also. Many people choose to use a  parcel of land for a staging area for recreation. Maybe you want to start with a garage and work your way up to a cabin. 

Contact a real estate agent and we can help you find the perfect lake cabin in Northern Minnesota. With so many lakes in the area to choose from: Pelican Lake, Black Duck, Elephant Lake or maybe Elbow Lake. Let us make finding your recreation property easy. 



Walleye  are common in many lakes in MInnesota. Click Here for more information on fishing seasons in Minnesota. 

Many people choose the lake they purchase a cabin based on the type of fish in the lake. The Minnesota DNR has a good website that gives information on fish surveys in most lakes in Minnesota. Also the lake size, location and other important information can be found on the site. Click here for more information on the MN Lake Finder page. 

Contact a real estate agent at RE/MAX Lake Country for more information on lakes and the area. The real estate office is located in Orr in the center of all the lakes. Lake Vermilion entry in Cook is about 15 miles to the South. Crane Lake, Ash River and Kabetogama  are 30 miles from Orr and Pelican Lake. Many other lakes are a short drive away. The real estate agents fish and enjoy the area lakes and public lands. 

Let RE/MAX Lake Country find you a cabin so you can enjoy relaxing and fishing on the area lakes whatever type of fish you are looking for. 


Crane Lake cabin in the narrows for sale. This cabin has two bedrooms, full bath and upgraded septic. The acreage gives a family space and the protected cove is good for taking a swim and sheltering your boat. The views from the screen porch looking up the lake are post card perfect.

This lake home on Crane Lake needs a new family to enjoy the cabin. The large back yard gives you plenty of space to play games and for the pets. 

This Crane Lake cabin for sale has a new septic and has not even been used yet. The cabin will be sold furnished, all you have to bring is your suitcase and some food. 

This cabin has the charm you expect and it has been very well taken care of. The owners have enjoyed many years spending time at the cabin in the summer. Contact RE/MAX Lake Country for a look at this cabin. The seller is ready to sell this summer. 

Crane Lake information

Crane Lake cabin for sale

Cabin in the Crane Lake Narrows for sale.

The Minnesota DNR has a Bald Eagle Cam. Click Here You should check this out. 

The bald eagle is widespread throughout Canada and portions of the United States.  Among the 50 states, Minnesota has the third largest bald eagle breeding population, following Alaska and Florida.

Bald eagles select nest sites near lakes and rivers in forested areas where tall, large diameter trees are available for nesting . Nest trees are usually within a half mile  of water. In Minnesota, red and white pines. Eagles have also been known to nest on artificial structures. 

 Bald eagles in in this area will travel south when  food becomes difficult to find. The adults and juveniles migrating separately. As most bald eagles prefer fish, migration will happen as the lakes and rivers freeze. In Minnesota, bald eagles gather  around areas of open water in winter, particularly along the Mississippi River south of Red Wing. They will return north when they can feed again. 

In the Voyageurs National Park some campsites close yearly due to eagle nesting.n early May, the park temporarily closes areas around the park’s active bald eagle nesting sites to campers and other human activities. In mid-August the areas are reopened after the young eaglets fledge.

You can own a lake home, cabin or land on the edge of the Voyageurs National Park. Contact an agent at RE/MAX Lake Country and they will help you find the perfect property in Northern Minnesota. RE/MAX Lake county can help you find the perfect property on any of the Voyageurs National Park entry point lakes: Crane Lake, Ash River, Kabetogama or Rainy Lake. Surrounding lakes are also good options, Ash Lake, Elbow Lake, Lake Vermilion, Pelican and Myrtle Lake are all lakes. Many parcels of land to park a camper or build a cabin on are also available. Any time you have questions about hunting lands or recreation property for sale please contact a RE/MAX Lake Country real estate agent. 


Voyageurs National Park Campsite Reservations will start April 1. This permits system will be done in 4 phases over time. The Voyageurs National Park has a press release. 

Press Release Voyageurs National Park Campsite Reservations

Park officials placed a great deal of time into determining the first 34 sites selected and based their decision on visitor use, location, and size of the sites. The 34 reservable sites will be marked with “reservation only” signs for the first year. 

Voyageurs National Park is a chain of lakes including Crane Lake, Sand Point, Ash River, Kabetogama and Rainy Lake. It is Minnesota’s only national park and located about 300 miles north of Minneapolis/St Paul. Here you leave your car behind and explore by water. Here you can see and touch rocks half as old as the world, experience the life of a voyageur, immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of a boreal forest, view the dark skies, or ply the interconnected water routes. 

Voyageurs National Park is a mosaic of land and water, a place of interconnected waterways that flow west, and eventually north as part of the arctic watershed of Hudson’s Bay. It’s a place of transition, between upland and aquatic ecosystems, southern boreal and northern hardwoods forest types, and both wild and developed areas.

This area can be in your back yard if you purchase a property on the edge of the Voyageurs National Park. Contact a RE/MAX Lake County real estate agent for more details. We can help you find a lake home or recreation property when you are ready. 

view from cabin

View from Crane Lake Narrows cabin

Click here for more information on the Minnesota Emergency Deer Feeding Program. 

The above link will take you to more information on feeding deer in Minnesota.  Right now there is 3 1/2 to 4 feet of snow on the ground in Orr, Buyck and Crane Lake area. 

early winter deer

Deer in Crane Lake early winter

Marks from Grouse in the snow can often be seen if you are exploring in the winter. 

grouse mark in snow

Mark from Grouse in snow

MN DNR Hunting Grouse information

 11 million acres of public hunting land, 528 designated hunting areas in the ruffed grouse range covering nearly 1 million acres, 43 designated ruffed grouse management areas and 600 miles of hunter walking trails.

Minnesota offers offers some of the best grouse hunting in the country. Even in down years of the grouse population’s boom-and-bust cycle, hunters in other states still envy our flush rates and hunter success rates remain high.

09/13/14 – 01/04/15


Ruffed and Spruce Grouse, Hungarian Partridge season

09/13/14 – 11/30/14


Sharptailed Grouse season


MN DNR Grouse information

Food Grouse

Ruffed grouse favor the buds and twigs of aspen but also eat the fruits of dogwood, mountain ash, and thornapple. They also eat rose hips and the green leaves of clover, strawberries, bunchberry, aspen and some ferns. Insects are the primary food of ruffed grouse chicks.

Predators Grouse

Many animals hunt ruffed grouse, including birds of prey such as goshawk, great horned owl, and various mammals such as fox, fisher and bobcat. Humans also hunt and eat ruffed grouse.

Habitat and range

Ruffed grouse are found in forests from southeastern to northwestern Minnesota. Young to middle-aged aspen forests provide the best habitat. Alder lowlands and patches of gray dogwood are especially attractive to ruffed grouse in summer and fall. During winter, ruffed grouse spend nearly all of their time in snow burrows to stay warm and avoid predators. A ruffed grouse lives most of its life within just a few acres

From your cabin or recreation property you can explore the many trails and logging roads to find the birds in the fall. The MN DNR site has maps of numerous walking trails. Enjoy the crisp fall days walking through the forest in Northern Minnesota. Other wildlife will frequently be seen during your walks. Walking the trails looking for birds is a time you can spend with your family away from the hustle and bustle of the city. When you have finished a day in the woods relax at your recreation property around a camp fire and tell stories. This is the time for you to crete memories for the children.

Contact a real estate agent at RE/MAX Lake Country so you can start making memories.  No matter if you are looking for a little parcel of land to park a camper or maybe 100 acres of land we can assist you with the search. Acreage will vary from the wooded to  the parcels that have recently had the timber harvested. Some land will have road access and power nearby. Some recreation property will be off the grid and there may times when you can only access the property by snowmobile, walking or using an ATV. 

 Search our website for properties in the area




Cook MN Real estate. RE/MAX Lake Country can help you find lake homes, cabins and hunting lands in the Cook, MN area. RE/MAX Lake Country is located 15 miles from Cook, MN and located between Lake Vermilion and Rainy Lake. Real estate in Cook MN varies from homes in town to large lake homes on Lake Vermilion. 

We have found that many people like the convenience of living in the small town and utilizing the services of the town.  They home owners can enjoy all the area lakes and recreation lands near Cook. Cook is a short drive from many hiking trails, Superior National Forest and State Lands. Area lakes include Elbow Lake, Lake Vermilion, Meander Lake, Little Fork River, Pelican Lake and Crane Lake. Hunting lands for sale vary in size from a few acres to ones over a hundred acres in size. 

Search for homes for sale 

Cook MN Real estate can be in town with the conveniences of city water and sewer or Cook MN real estate can be located in the country on a few acres. You can have your own trails on your land and be located near public lands. Homes in town can be a short walk from grocery stores and the movie theater. 

RE/MAX Lake Country real estate agents can help you find the perfect home in Cook, MN or the surrounding area.

Located 75 Miles south of the Canadian Border and just over 200 miles north of Minneapolis is within an easy drive for most people and yet up north. Cook, MN features  an excellent selection of properties that accommodate a wide range of needs, perfect from families, hunting groups and retirees.

Homes for sale are scattered along the area lakes or tucked back into the Superior National Forest. The homes and cabins have features such as decks, screen porches, fire rings, sand beaches and great lake and forest views.  

The family-friendly lifestyle that is provided by the community is one of the best features of Cook, MN real estate properties. Along with all your favorite outdoor recreation options like swimming, boating, fishing, hiking and golfing, the town offers many sophisticated amenities for people of all ages. Residents can shop in many wonderful boutiques and stores, dine at a range of excellent restaurants and even take a short drive to Lake Vermilion. There is truly an opportunity to pursue a new adventure every day.

For more information on how Kailua Hawaii real estate can enhance your lifestyle, contact RE/MAX Lake Country


Lake Jeanette is a campground located just off the Echo Trail near Buyck, MN Located between Crane Lake and Orr. This campground is located on the western end of the Echo Trail, a remote country road that traverses through the heart of the western Superior National Forest. It is situated on the southern shore of Lake Jeanette and provides scenic views of the lake. The terrain is covered with a granite rock outcropping and a mix of pine and spruce trees. This area was once the site of a Civilian Conservation Corps camp which operated in the 1930s.


Lake Jeanette Campground is on the Echo Trail, 32 miles northeast of Orr, MN.

  • From Orr, take St. Louis County 23 to Buyck (16 miles).
  • At Buyck, County 23 turns into County 24. Continue on County 24 for 4 miles to the Echo Trail (County Road 116).
  • Turn right, 12 miles to campground entrance road.
  • Turn left onto entrance road.

The Astrid Lake Hiking Trail begins across from the first parking lot on the right-hand side of the campground entrance road. A second trailhead is located off Forest Road 200. 

This campground offers camping beside a glacier carved Lake Jeanette. Every site has a view of the lake. The campground is only lightly wooded with spruce and has an open, spacious feeling. This is a sweet, picturesque, little campground, well worth the long drive. The two walk-in tent sites in a stand of jack pines are perhaps the prettiest in the forest.

Contact a RE/MAX Lake Country real estate agent for more information on properties for sale in the Crane Lake, Lake Vermilion, Elbow Lake, Echo Lake, Myrtle Lake and other area lakes. Hunting lands and cabins are for sale throughout the area. Cabins vary in size from small one room cabins to multi room large log homes. Some cabins will be off the grid and other cabins for sale in the Buyck and Crane Lake area will have year round road access. 

Search area properties for sale

Astrid Lake has 7 miles of hiking trail, 6 backcountry campsites and a canoe route with 4 interconnected lakes, including Astrid Lake, Maude Lake, Pauline Lake and Nigh Lake. The area provides an opportunity to experience wilderness-style camping without wilderness permits and regulations.


  • Forest Road 200, between Maude and Astrid Lakes, right-hand side of road.
  • Echo Trail about ½ mile east of 200 Road, right-hand side of road.
  • Echo Trail about 1 mile east of Hunting Shack River, right-hand side of road


  • Forest Road 200, between Maude and Astrid Lakes, right-hand side of road.
  • First parking lot on the right-hand side of the Lake Jeanette Campground entrance road, hiking trail on left side of road.

Cross Country ski Astrid Lake area
There are over six miles of trail in the Astrid Lake Trail system. Visitors may ski a variety of loops for a day tour, or choose a winter camping experience. Permits are not required for use of this trail system since it is outside the Boundary Waters Canoe Area

There are wilderness-type campsites with firegrates and box latrines on the lakes along the trail. They are generally located on short spur trails off the main trail. These spur trails are not signed. Opportunities for solitude are excellent during the winter season. Less than one-half mile from the trailhead at Lake Jeanette, skiers approach County Road 116, the Echo Trail. Use extreme caution when crossing this road as motorists on it are generally unprepared for pedestrians crossing. Once across, the trail meets the portage from Lake Jeanette to Nigh Lake. This is a rare chance to experience a spruce bog while keeping your feet dry.

Astrid Lake Area is about 29 miles northeast of Orr, MN.

  • From Orr, take S. Louis County 23 to Buyck (16 miles).
  • At Buyck, County 23 turns into County 24, continue for 4 miles to the Echo Trail (County 116).
  • Turn right on the Echo Trail for 9 miles, continue to parking

Search for properties for sale in the area so you can stay at your cabin and explore the area. Contact a RE/MAX Lake Country real estate agent for more information on properties, lake cabins, hunting lands and cabins in the Crane Lake, Buyck, Echo Lake, Elbow Lake and Orr area. Northern Minnesota properties are for sale from Rainy Lake to Lake Vermilion on the website. 

The Herriman Lake Trail is 13 miles with loops. More than half of the trail is in theBoundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) where permits are required. The Dovre Lake loop passes through mature white and red pines among rock outcrops. The Herriman Lake Trail  is a blaze of fall colors at the end of September. The Echo River stretch has scenic views of oxbows along the river.

There are lots of exposed rocks and roots and the trail may cross a beaver dam. Be especially careful where there is long grass covering the dam. In ledge rock areas, watch for rock cairns that mark the trail. Map and compass skills are recommended for users of this trail.

Permits are required year round for day and overnight travel throughout the BWCAW.   

RE/MAX Lake Country can help you find the perfect lake or recreation property in the Crane Lake and Buyck area. You can spend your days hiking and exploring the trails in the area. Numerous trails through the Superior National Forest and State Forest Lands are yours for exploring. 

RE/MAX Lake Country has agents who are knowledgable on the area and specialize in recreation and hunting lands. 

Ash Lake cabins and lots for sale.

Ash lake is located North of Orr about 12 Miles and approximately 15 miles from Ash River and Kabetogama entries into the Voyageurs National Park. The Ash Lake is 689 acres in size with maximum depth of 25 feet. Assorted fish are regular caught, panfish, bass and northern are predominant. 

Ash Lake waterfront

Waterfront on Ash Lake.

 Several properties are for sale.. Cabin prices starting at $115,000 and lots starting at $89,000. Listed below are links to several Ash Lake cabins and lots for sale.

11594 Aspen Way Ash Lake

11519 Aspen Way Ash Lake

11561 Jacobs Rd Ash Lake 

Lot 4 waterfront lot Aspen Way

7 plus acres 300 feet shoreline


MN DNR Ash Lake Information

The lake  has thousands of acres of public lands near it with only two roads along the lake. The lake has easy access off Highway 53. Pelican Lake and Orr  is south about 10-15 miles for groceries and other convenience items. The Voyageurs National Park is nearby. Trails for skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and hiking are near the Voyageurs National Park. 

The national park lake chain gives you plenty of water to explore. Islands are scattered through the lake chain. Large pines, undeveloped land and historic sites are yours to explore. Take a picnic lunch and play at one of the sand beaches for the day in the park  and then head back to Ash Lake. National Park information

Rainy Lake is North about 40 miles giving you more shopping options and another large lake to play on. Even more islands, Ontario and the Voyageurs National Park are there to explore. 

 Contact an agent at RE/MAX Lake Country in Orr to have them help you find the perfect lake home, land  or cabin in the Ash Lake area. There are many cabins, lots or lake homes for sale near and on the lake for sale. The real estate for sale varies in price and lot sizes. So we can find a property to fit your needs. You can call 218-757-3233 or send the office an email when you are ready to start the search. 




Mukooda Lake Voyageurs National Park.
 Mukooda is a 773 acre lake within the Voyageurs National Park near Crane Lake and Sand Point Lake. The lake can be accessed via winter portages from Sand Point or Crane Lake. In the summer there are docks on Sand Point Lake where you may dock your boat and walk across.  There are several “cache” boats available for rental on Mukooda. Check with a resort on Crane Lake to make arrangements to rent a boat for Mukooda.

Fishing Mukooda Lake

A day trip to Mukooda Lake

Mukooda Lake Voyageurs National Park -The MN DNR completed a fish survey in 2012 and found the bass, crappie and panfish are at a record high for the lake.  Northern Pike were in abundance and much higher then in previous samples. Northern nearly 36 inches long were captured.  Trout were not captured, however people fished for and caught trout during the previous winter. The DNR has now made a rule to close lake trout fishing for 18 months to protect the trout. 

A day trip to Mukooda will be enjoyed by the family. Water clarity is extremely good on Mukooda making it one of the most fun lakes in the region to swim. Snorkeling trips to Mukooda are very popular. Children will have fun catching the numerous blue gill. There are many trophy bass in the lake as well.  A day on Mukooda is a nice way to explore a smaller interior lake. The campsites  have picnic tables and fire rings so bring a picnic lunch. You may even find blueberries or raspberries while walking the portage.

The Voyageurs National Park or area resorts have more information on rentals and the rules for Mukooda. Call a area resort,  visitor center or visit the Park web site.



Mukooda Lake closed to lake trout harvest

Mukooda Lake in Voyageurs National Park in northern St. Louis County will be closed to lake trout harvest effective Jan. 15. The rule will be published in the state register prior to the start of the lake trout angling season opener.

While fishing on or in Mukooda Lake waters, angling for lake trout is limited to catch and release only. Any lake trout caught must be immediately returned to the water. It is unlawful for anyone to have in possession, regardless of where taken, any lake trout while on or fishing in these waters.

The closure is a temporary measure which will be in effect for 18 months.

The lake contains a self-sustaining population of lake trout that have a unique genetic make-up. This unique strain has persisted for decades in spite of DNR stocking efforts and competition from cool-water species such as northern pike, walleye, and bass.

“The decision to close Mukooda Lake to trout harvest is based on creel survey estimates and observations of fishing pressure,” said Kevin Peterson, International Falls area fisheries supervisor. “The lake’s habitat supports slow natural reproduction and efforts to boost the lake trout population through stocking have not been successful. Halting the lake trout harvest will protect the remaining stock and allow us to see how the fishery responds.”

The DNR continues to work with resource managers at Voyageurs National Park to monitor the fish populations and goals for this and several other lakes located within the park.

“We support the DNR’s decision and are ready to assist,” said Voyageurs National Park Superintendent Mike Ward. “We understand anglers enjoy the trout in Mukooda Lake and we appreciate their patience while we take steps to ensure this stock thrives in the future.”

The Mukooda Lake management plan will be updated in 2014, which will provide additional opportunities for information sharing and stakeholder input. DNR fisheries will hold public meetings in 2014 to consider longer-term measures to protect Mukooda lake trout.

Contact RE/MAX Lake Country for all your real estate needs. We can help you sell your property or find the perfect vacation place. Lake homes on Rainy Lake, Kabetogama, Ash River, Ash Lake, Crane Lake, Pelican Lake, Echo Lake, Myrtle Lake, Johnson Lake, Elbow Lake, Lake Vermilion and surrounding lakes. If you are looking for recreation acreage or a place in the woods we can help with that too. Maybe you want an acre to escape to or maybe you are looking for 80 acres in the Superior National Forest either way we can help. or 218-757-3233

Marion Lake can be a good fishing lake for bluegill, northern and some walleye. MN DNR Report
here is a carry in portage for in the summer and people also access the lake in the winter for ice fishing. There are only two cabins currently on the lake and only a handful of privately owned land. 

This cabin on the lake is currently for sale  
The cabin is located at the end of a Forest Service Road behind a gate. The gate gives access to only a couple people. The new owner of the cabin on Marion Lake can obtain a key for the gate and improve the road so a vehicle can be driven the private cabin. 
Forest Service lands join the property on two sides. A maze of logging trails are in the area for you to explore in the winter or summer. 
Marion Lake is near Crane Lake, Johnson Lake, Franklin, Elephant and Blackduck Lake. Vermilion River and Pelican River are nearby. 

The Voyageur and Arrowhead snowmobile trails are a short distance from the cabin. Snowmobile Trail Information link

Cabin on Marion Lake

Marion Lake Cabin


Big Island is located on Pelican Lake in Orr, MN. Which happens to be out the back door of the real estate office in Orr. Big Island on Pelican Lake is a Scientific and and Natural Area.

DNR information on Big Island 

The island on Pelican Lake  has a variety of birds 40 types and there are numerous types of plants. The trees are 150 years old. The link above will take you to the Minnesota DNR site that has greater details on the Big Island on Pelican Lake. The island does not have a trails but supports duck hunting. You can have your dog at the island while duck hunting. 

Some people will swim an the area near the island. Other people will fish around the island. Be sure to look for the eagles and osprey on the island. 

When done exploring the island the lake around the island take a trip into Orr and do a little shopping in town. There are a couple docks in town at the landing. The Post office in Orr is a short walk as well as the grocery store, bait shop and hardware store. The RE/MAX Lake Country office is within site of the boat landing. 

Search area properties 

Large and Big Islands on Pelican Lake

Islands on Pelican Lake


Winter is here. After this unusually cold weather we are now getting more snow. It is time to snowshoe trails in Kabetogama and surrounding areas. There are snowshoe trails in the Rainy Lake, Kabetogama, Ash River, Orr and Crane Lake areas. 

Snowshoe trail information in the National Park

The park center in International Falls will let you borrow snowshoes to use on their trails. It is a beautifal way to enjoy the outdoors. Using the snowshoe trails in Kabetogama and other areas can be another way for you to explore the area when you are not on your snowmobile or winter fishing.

Snowshoe off the main trails

Snowshoe Kabetogama and surrounding areas

 Another good thing about using the snowshoes in the area you can also explore off the trails. Superior National Forest winter information

After a day of exploring the outdoors you will want to go back to your cabin and settle in around the fire with your hot chocolate. You can search our featured listings or you can search the MLS for the perfect property. 

I hope you can take some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city and get out and enjoy the winter. 

Snowmobile in Orr MN season is quickly approaching. With the cold weather we have been having it will not be long before the lakes and ponds are safe. The nights have been in the minus 20-30 degrees and highs during the day have maybe hit the single digits. There is a foot or more of snow on the ground and after this cold spell we should have more so you can snowmobile in Orr MN pretty soon. 

There are State and local trails in the area. Arrowhead Trail information Voyageur Trail information

Remember to contact area businesses to find out if there is snow and ice before venturing out. If you are looking for a lake home, cabin or a snowmobile get a way please contact us at RE/MAX Lake Country and we will find you a perfect place.

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winter 2013

Snowmobile in the Orr MN area

Forest Land North of Orr, MN

Bulldog Hanson Cedar Regeneration

North of Orr located of tbe Townline Forest Road is a trail that leads to this DNR and Deer Hunter Association project. 

Scattered around Northern Minnesota are projects like this and other areas that are set aside for wildlife. There are also walk in access lands for area hunters. Walk in Access program information

Travel along the Townline Forest Road and there are many trails that branch off for exploring, wildlife watching and hunting. 

This particular property is part of a project with the MN Deer Hunter Association. This project has made the news since it has had an  electic and it has had items stolen from it.

See DNR news release below for the Bulldog Hanson Orr MN


he discovery of an equipment theft is threatening the continuation of a remote white cedar plantation designed to improve deer habitat in northern St. Louis County.

A Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) wildlife employee reported the theft of solar panels, a wiring harness, and battery, used to create an electric barrier to deer and protect a northern white cedar planting experiment that began in 1997 as a partnership with the Minnesota Deer Hunter’s Association (MDHA). The equipment was valued at $1,000.

The theft occurred between Jan. 5-10. Photos taken at the scene indicate an individual parked a highway vehicle at the gate on the Bulldog-Hanson State Forest Road off the Townline State Forest Road, drove by ATV to the fenced area, and used a homemade apparatus to disarm it and gain access to the equipment.

“The seedlings are not a size where they will survive without continued protection, said Larry Petersen, International Falls area wildlife manager. “This is the second equipment theft at the location, and with a remote site, relatively easy access, and limited security options, it could continue. It’s too bad one individual has to ruin a project that involved the hard work of so many people – including the MDHA volunteers whose fundraising efforts provided $7,500 for the initial project costs.”

Northern white cedar is a preferred deer thermal cover species, that once harvested, has a low rate of regeneration due to germination failures, unsuitable microclimates for seedlings, and excessive animal herbivory (over-browsing by deer, snowshoe hares, mice, etc.). It was hoped that by prohibiting deer herbivory, the cedars could be regenerated and improve the winter habitat for the deer population and other wildlife. The initial total project cost of $13,422 was funded in partnership with the MDHA, with DNR wildlife staff providing ongoing maintenance.

Persons with information relevant to the case are asked to call the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Department at 218-749-6010.





Bug Creek Hiking Trail information. Start planning your next snowshoe walk this winter or in the spring on the Bug Creek Hiking Trail.Bug Creek Hiking Trail. bug Creek hiking trail is located 17 miles from Orr, Mn. The trail is also located not to far from Elephant Lake where RE/MAX Lake Country has cabins and lake homes for sale occasionally. 

Wildlife can be seen in the area, Deer, grouse, wolves, eagles, and hawks are frequently viewed on the nearby lands. 

RE/MAX Lake Country in Orr, MN could find you your lake home or cabin so you can enjoy the outdoors. Northern Minnesota cabins for sale and acreage are available so you may have your own piece of the up north. 

Enjoy the hike and remember to print the map from the Superior National Park informational page.

Brittney and Patricks new houseCongratulations on buying your first home with RE/MAX Lake Country! 😀

Now is the time to do maintenance on your cabins and homes we get so busy thinking of fishing and playing outdoors we forget about winter. Furnaces and hot water heaters should get a look over by the service technicians yearly. Our resource page  The Lake Country has names of service companies that can help. One of the most popular companies in the area for any home maintenance is Lounging Lizards Home Improvement. Make sure to give them a caasll early because they do get very busy around this time.

But don’t forget to go fishing, boating and exploring the outdoors.

Summer photo think of maintence

Summer photo think of maintenance



Orr MN Balloon Rides

remax balloon rides 2013 016July 3,  2013 The RE/MAX Balloon was in Orr  MN giving rides. It was great weather and outstanding fireworks followed. 

Kabetogama Lady Slipper Festival June 29-30. 5K run on Saturday, Car Show on Sunday and various activities throughout the two days. Information on the Kabetogama Lady Slipper Festival


Kabetogama Lady Slipper Festival


Help celebrate our famous wildflower in Minnesota’s only National Park with the “Lady Slipper Festival”.The Annual Kabetogama Lady Slipper Festival is a colorful and exciting event offering great food, music and entertainment, scenic nature walks and hiking trails, boat tours and cruises, naturalist guided activities and workshops, and an exceptional group of artists and craft designers.  Voyageurs National Park is located on the Minnesota/Canadian Border. Crane Lake, Ash River area also lakes on the Voyageur Nation Park chain with resort communities that attract vacationers from all corners of the nation. This year our festival will be held Saturday and Sunday in conjunction with a 5K run on Saturday morning and an antique car show on Sunday. 

Information courtesy Kabetogama visitor website/ Kabetogama Lady Slipper Festival

RE/MAX Lake Country can find you the perfect lake home, cabin or acreage in Kabetogama. The real estate office is conveniently located in Orr, MN between Lake Vermilion, Crane Lake and Kabetogama. Pelican Lake is located out the back door of the office. If you are looking for hunting and recreation land we can find that also. There are large parcels of  remote acreage and  hunting parcels that have driveways and power already into the property. Whatever you are looking for one of  RE/MAX Lake county’s real estate agents will find what you want. If you are thinking of selling contact an agent and they will preform a market analysis on the property and you will know what the real estate market in the Kabetogama area is currently. 

RE/MAX Lake Country Orr, MN Office 218-757-3233 or


15 miles from Cook, MN a little further to Lake Vermilion. 30 Miles to Kabetogama, Crane Lake and Ash River. 60 miles to Rainy Lake and International Falls. Myrtle Lake, Ash Lake, Kjostad Lake, Elbow Lake, Susan Lake all nearby. Stop in and visit us we are in downtown Orr Hwy 53 at the stop light.


Crane Lake July 4 Parade and Fireworks. Crane Lake news and events

Check out all the news and events for Crane Lake and the area. The hiking trails are open and the fishing has been good this week.

We now not only are members of the Range and Arrowhead MLS we are now members of the Northstar MLS which will give your property even more exposure when listed with RE/MAX Lake Country in Orr. Please contact Deena or Karis with any questions.

Orr July 3rd Fun Day 2013

Come and celebrate with us for a family fun filled day in Orr

*All-u-can eat pancake breakfast

*1st annual 5k run/walk

*Crafters’ fair

*Kiddie Parade

*Great food

* Kids Saw Dust Dig

*Pony rides, buggy rides and a petting zoo

*1st Annual canoe and kayak races

*Boat parade

*RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon Rides

* Live band

*Fireworks display on Orr Pelican Bay!

Orr’s July 3rd Fun Day 5k Run/Walk -sign up now or the morning of the race. Go to to download the registration form or stop in our office and pick one up.

Get Ready the RE/MAX Balloon is coming to Orr July 3rd.

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