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Docks for your lake home up north

Docks for your lake home up north 

Many people ask if they can have a dock at their lake home or cabin. The DNR  has dock information at this link DNR Dock Information

You will see docks at almost every lake home. The docks will vary in length and style. 


The DNR does not have a set rule on the length for a dock. The lake depth will be a big factor in how long you will want your dock to be. 

Regarding the length of dock allowed he DNR states “The dock is no longer than needed to achieve its intended use, including reaching navigable water depth.”

Docks for your lake home up north can have a crib dock as long as docks placed on rock-filled cribs are located only on waters where the bed is predominantly bedrock.

Kabetogama Lake, Crane Lake, Sand Point Lake and Rainy Lake often have crib docks and floating docks that will not leave the water in the winter. Pelican Lake and Lake Vermilion will often have the lift out or roll out docks. 

You do not have to obtain a permit for the average lake home dock. When you wish to have a dock wider than 8 feet you will have to ask for a permit. 

Remember when you make your offer on a lake home to ask for the dock to be included in the sale. You may be surprised at closing to find out it was considered personal property and removed from the lake cabin property.

Contact a real estate agent at RE/MAX Lake Country 218-757-3233 info@thelakecountry.com and start looking for your next lake home and vacation property. 

Lake Vermilion lake homes for sale

Lake Vermilion Lake homes for sale

Lake Vermilion lake homes for sale vary in price. At the end of  January if I search the Range MLS and see that there are around 100 waterfront residential listing with Vermilion as the waterfront. These Lake Vermilion homes and cabins vary greatly in styles and lot sizes.  There is something for everyone, Lake Vermilion stretches from Buyck, Cook and over to Tower so you have plenty of places to choose from, and http://www.profoam.com/mobile-spray-foam-rig-layouts/ just took care of the new decks around the cabins so you can have a beautiful space to chill with nature.

Dock on Lake Vermilion

Lake Vermilion cabin dock

Lake Vermilion – Buyck

The area up near Niles Bay is located with gravel road on 24 from Cook, MN.  When you travel to see Lake Vermilion lake homes for sale  you will see turn offs hunting property, Susan Lake and Elbow Lake. There are many logging trails, and thousands of acres of Forest Lands in in the area. Vermilion Lake homes in this area tend to have larger parcels and more space in general. Lake Vermilion Dam Lodge offers marina services if needed. There are also places to eat if you want to dine on the deck and watch the lake. There are many Lake Vermilion cabins and homes for sale in this area over the summer season.

Lake Vermilion Cook, MN 

The Cook area has Lake Vermilion homes and cabins that will vary from 50 foot lots to larger parcels with year round lake homes. Lake Vermilion lake homes for sale are numerous in the Cook, MN area.

 In 2017 on the Range MLS with Vermilion as the lake there were about 17 waterfront residential sales with Cook as the city.  The Low sale was at $115,000 and the Highest sale price for the lake home on Vermilion was $1,050,000 on the Range MLS in 2017 with Cook for the City. The average sale price in the same area was $453,147  with the median price at $370,000. There are many options out there for a buyer. Maybe you will find a simple cabin on Lake Vermilion and fix it up  over time or you would rather have a year round lake home that you can move in start enjoying right away. Either way there are many options for you. 

Lake Vermilion Tower MN

Lake Vermilion at the Tower end of the Lake Vermilion covers a wide area. Here also there is a large Variety of Lake Vermilion Lake homes to choose from. 

Lake Vermilion waterfront

Lake Vermilion

The Range MLS shows 36 sales of waterfront residential sales on Lake Vermilion with Tower for the city in 2017. There were more sales on this part of the lake as it extends from near the casino around towards Ely covering a large portion of the lake. The Lake Vermilion homes and cabins also vary in style and price at this end of the lake also. 

The highest sale price was $700,000 and the low price was also $115,000. The Lake Vermilion residential waterfront sale prince was $315,041 and the median was $288,500. 

When you are ready to start looking for a lake home, cabin or parcel of land in the area please contact a real estate agent at RE/MAX Lake Country. We specialize in selling recreation properties in northern Minnesota. Pelican Lake, Kabetogama, Crane, Ash and so many other lakes are options in the area. 

Search for area lake homes and cabins for sale 

Search for lake homes and cabins in the area.  A page on this website will let you search for cabins for sale in the area. 

Lake Area Homes For Sale in the Winter 2018

Lake Area Homes For Sale Winter 2018

You may think looking for a lake home in the winter makes no sense. However winter is a good time to start your research on area lakes and communities where you may want a recreation property. The Minnesota DNR has a great website that will let you start your search for a lake home that are for sale in the winter 2018. What a better way to spend the day but to be looking at lake home photos to get a feel for pricing of lake homes for sale on area lakes. Maybe take a drive to small town or resort area to see what is offered in the community. The town may not have the summer hustle and bustle but you will get a feel for th seize of the grocery store, proximity to trails, main roads and other items that may affect your purchase, but no need to be afraid of the trails as http://reliablesnowplowing.com/ works by taking all the accumulated snow on the way.

Winter activities

You may not wish to winter fish but other family members may want to use the cabin in the winter for snowmobiling, fishing or exploring on their snowshoes. While there is snow on the ground you will see what the roads are like when others travel to the area in the winter.  

Lakefront for sale in the winter

Pelican Lake waterfront for sale in the winter. Excellent views, large pines and path to the water

When you start your search for a recreation property in the winter you will be ready to walk land and view the shoreline as soon as the snow melts.  From the time you make your offer on your lake home or recreation property it can take 30-60 days before you have possession. Start your search for your lake home early so you have time in the summer to enjoy your vacation at the lake, and if it has anything to fix https://www.chamberofcommerce.com/united-states/california/san-diego/awnings-and-canopies-and-supplies/1332718386-rkc-construction works with us hand by hand.  Lake homes are for sale in 2018 in the winter as always even with the varied temperatures and snow fall.  Bring warm clothes and boots. Start planning you tour today.



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