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November 17, 2014
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    Crane Lake cabins for sale

    The Boreal Forest brings with it not only a diversity of tree and plant species but also a unique array of wildlife. The park is home to more than 240 species of neo-tropical song birds and eagles are a common sight.

    Watch and listen for beavers making a splash along the shorelines and hearing a timber wolf’s howl during the night is a treat. Moose and wolves are occassionally observed when hiking a trail on the interior of the park.

    Crane lake real estate will give you all of this out your front door. Lake cabins and lake homes for sale are scattered along the shoreline of Crane Lake. 

    The park is home to black bears, an abundance of white-tailed deer, and smaller mammals such as foxes, otters, muskrats, snowshoe hares, and weasels which may be seen crossing frozen lake surfaces during the winter.

    An array of fish species are known to exist in the park’s lakes with yellow perch and northern pike being the most widely spread.

    To learn more about the animals that can be found in Voyageurs National Park purchase a lake home on Crane Lake and start exploring the area from your new lake cabin on Crane Lake.

    Crane Lake

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