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February 26, 2016
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    The Discovery Auto Tour is a self-guided driving tour that includes two routes on the LaCroix and Kawishiwi Ranger Districts of the Superior National Forest.

    Discovery Auto Tour Orr MN and area

    Discovery Auto Tour Orr MN and area

    The tour provides an easy way to explore some of the natural and cultural history of the Forest and the many recreation opportunities along the way. This “signed” tour is a partnership between the USDA Forest Service and the Lake Vermilion Resort Association. A 40-page guide book that includes the map shown below, along with a description of each site, is available for purchase at the LaCroix Ranger District Office in Cook, the Kawishiwi Ranger District office in Ely, at Lake Vermilion resorts, and other local businesses.

    This information if from the Superior National Forest website.

    The Discovery Auto Tour map can also be found at the Superior National Forest site



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