Docks for your lake home up north

April 16, 2019
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  • Docks for your lake home up north 

    Many people ask if they can have a dock at their lake home or cabin. The DNR  has dock information at this link DNR Dock Information

    You will see docks at almost every lake home. The docks will vary in length and style. 


    The DNR does not have a set rule on the length for a dock. The lake depth will be a big factor in how long you will want your dock to be. 

    Regarding the length of dock allowed he DNR states “The dock is no longer than needed to achieve its intended use, including reaching navigable water depth.”

    Docks for your lake home up north can have a crib dock as long as docks placed on rock-filled cribs are located only on waters where the bed is predominantly bedrock.

    Kabetogama Lake, Crane Lake, Sand Point Lake and Rainy Lake often have crib docks and floating docks that will not leave the water in the winter. Pelican Lake and Lake Vermilion will often have the lift out or roll out docks. 

    You do not have to obtain a permit for the average lake home dock. When you wish to have a dock wider than 8 feet you will have to ask for a permit. 

    Remember when you make your offer on a lake home to ask for the dock to be included in the sale. You may be surprised at closing to find out it was considered personal property and removed from the lake cabin property.

    Contact a real estate agent at RE/MAX Lake Country 218-757-3233 and start looking for your next lake home and vacation property. 

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