Grouse in the snow

February 22, 2014
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  • Marks from Grouse in the snow can often be seen if you are exploring in the winter. 

    grouse mark in snow

    Mark from Grouse in snow

    MN DNR Hunting Grouse information

     11 million acres of public hunting land, 528 designated hunting areas in the ruffed grouse range covering nearly 1 million acres, 43 designated ruffed grouse management areas and 600 miles of hunter walking trails.

    Minnesota offers offers some of the best grouse hunting in the country. Even in down years of the grouse population’s boom-and-bust cycle, hunters in other states still envy our flush rates and hunter success rates remain high.

    09/13/14 – 01/04/15


    Ruffed and Spruce Grouse, Hungarian Partridge season

    09/13/14 – 11/30/14


    Sharptailed Grouse season


    MN DNR Grouse information

    Food Grouse

    Ruffed grouse favor the buds and twigs of aspen but also eat the fruits of dogwood, mountain ash, and thornapple. They also eat rose hips and the green leaves of clover, strawberries, bunchberry, aspen and some ferns. Insects are the primary food of ruffed grouse chicks.

    Predators Grouse

    Many animals hunt ruffed grouse, including birds of prey such as goshawk, great horned owl, and various mammals such as fox, fisher and bobcat. Humans also hunt and eat ruffed grouse.

    Habitat and range

    Ruffed grouse are found in forests from southeastern to northwestern Minnesota. Young to middle-aged aspen forests provide the best habitat. Alder lowlands and patches of gray dogwood are especially attractive to ruffed grouse in summer and fall. During winter, ruffed grouse spend nearly all of their time in snow burrows to stay warm and avoid predators. A ruffed grouse lives most of its life within just a few acres

    From your cabin or recreation property you can explore the many trails and logging roads to find the birds in the fall. The MN DNR site has maps of numerous walking trails. Enjoy the crisp fall days walking through the forest in Northern Minnesota. Other wildlife will frequently be seen during your walks. Walking the trails looking for birds is a time you can spend with your family away from the hustle and bustle of the city. When you have finished a day in the woods relax at your recreation property around a camp fire and tell stories. This is the time for you to crete memories for the children.

    Contact a real estate agent at RE/MAX Lake Country so you can start making memories.  No matter if you are looking for a little parcel of land to park a camper or maybe 100 acres of land we can assist you with the search. Acreage will vary from the wooded to  the parcels that have recently had the timber harvested. Some land will have road access and power nearby. Some recreation property will be off the grid and there may times when you can only access the property by snowmobile, walking or using an ATV. 

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